World's first-ever revenue assurance solution built for the subscription world

Identify and stop your revenue leakage throughout the Quote-to-Cash process

Revssurance Leakage Pyramid

What does revenue assurance mean in the subscription industry and why do you need it?

Learn all about Revenue Assurance, its role in Subscription Industries, why you need it, and how it can reduce revenue leakage in your business.

Continuous Monitoring | Continuous Controls | Continuous Assurance

Automated revenue leakage protection through proactive controls

A unique revenue assurance solution built for subscription businesses.

Revssurance CXO Insights Screen

Widest coverage of assurance areas with proactive controls across the quote-to-cash lifecycle

Revssurance Custom Configuration

Custom Configurations

Write to us for any custom leakage areas.

Revssurance Quote Configuration

Quote Configuration

Are you quoting and billing correctly?

Revssurance Order Assurance

Order Assurance

Are you recording and executing all orders correctly?

Revssurance Payment Assurance

Payment Assurance

Are you receiving all your payments correctly without spending more?

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Revssurance Consumption Assurance

Consumption Assurance

Are you billing correctly for the amount consumed?

Revssurance Renewal Assurance

Renewal Assurance

Are you renewing contracts for those who have cancelled their subscriptions?

Revssurance Invoice Assurance

Invoice Assurance

Are you invoicing accurately, without missing or duplicating?

Revssurance Billing Assurance

Billing Assurance

Are you billing accurately? Not more nor less?

Top 11 Sources of Revenue Leakage in SaaS and Subscription World

Companies, based on their size, are losing anywhere between 4% to 58% of their revenues due to inadequate revenue leakage controls. Check if your organization is also leaking revenue.

Powerful solution with powerful benefits


Know the leakage

Identify and quantify current and potential leakage areas

Get full visibility

Harness visually enticing dashboards for easy understanding to focus and resolve

Reduce errors

Eradicate process and platform errors through risk-based controls and monitoring

Improve profitability

Improve your company?s profitability, integrity and growth

Meaningful insights through dashboards

Perform trend analysis and zoom into specific issues from the CXO insights


Real-time alerts

KPIs and alarms for revenue leakage areas to escalate and notify when breached


Simple UI and configurable

Flexible and configurable as per the user and business needs


Available as a cloud-based and on-premise solution

"Revssurance helped us save and gave us the confidence that we now have proper controls to avoid any unnecessary revenue leakage."

VP, Customer Success of a Large Manufacturing Company

Managing Your Revenue Leakage Doesn’t Have to be Hard.

Get a demo of Revssurance and reimagine the way you manage revenue leakage to protect your hard-earned revenues.

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