Insights and resources on revenue assurance in the subscription industry

Revssurance Leakage Pyramid

Revenue Leakage Pyramid: What does revenue assurance mean in the subscription industry and why do you need it?

Learn all about Revenue Assurance, its role in Subscription Industries, why you need it, and how it can reduce revenue leakage in your business.

Revssurance Leakage Areas in SaaS

Top 11 Sources of Revenue Leakage in SaaS and Subscription Economy

Companies, based on their size, are losing anywhere between 4% to 58% of their revenues due to inadequate revenue leakage controls. Check if your organization is also leaking revenue.

Quote Configuration

Is your quote configured as per requirement?

Order Assurance

Are your orders recorded accurately?

Consumption Assurance

Are you capturing the consumption accurately?

Billing Assurance

Are you sure that you are not under or overbilling?

Invoice Assurance

Are there any discrepancies in your invoice?

Renewal Assurance

Still servicing the customers who haven’t renewed?

Payment Assurance

Are you realizing the entire payments accurately?

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