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Are you able to confidently answer the following questions??

Do I know how many subscribers are in the pay-per-use model in my business?

Do I know how many units of each service are generated vs billed?

Do I know whether all my systems are generating an accurate consumption unit?


Revssurance can help with these and more.

Revssurance Consumption Assurance Screen

Consumption Assurance

In the consumption or pay-per-use model, businesses find it challenging to predict the MRR and to convert such customers to a recurring model. Revssurance identifies the gaps where consumption is either high or low, when the consumption is reported inaccurately, when the subscriber is being billed too little, and other such areas where there is a direct impact on your top-line or bottom-line.

Insights and dashboards that Revssurance provides you to stay on top.


Compares units that were consumed but not billed

Identifies service profile mismatch between subscription and service platform


Pinpoints missing records in source platform and billing


Highlights missing consumption between platform vs mediation vs billing

Reach out to us for many more use cases