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Are you able to confidently answer the following questions?

Do I track the KPI of the number of orders executed vs completed within SLA time?

Do I have controls to identify whether all subscriptions are ended in due time?

Do I have a leakage where subscribers churned out because the order was not executed on time?

Revssurance can help with these and more.

Revssurance Order Assurance Screen

Order Fulfillment Assurance

Order is one of the most critical processes for provisioning a subscriber within the service and billing platforms. Subscribers cannot start using the product without the proper execution of an order. Revssurance identifies and sets up controls for gaps in order processing to avoid revenue leakage, opportunity loss, and delays which could have reduced total contract value.

Insights and dashboards that Revssurance provides you to stay on top.



Focuses on essential control points relevant for order execution


Identifies leakages that are caused due to the order execution malfunctions


Shows orders that were delayed beyond a defined threshold


Alerts on future orders that are not executed on a specific date


Identifies subscriptions that are to be stopped temporarily but not executed

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