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Payment Assurance

Are you able to confidently answer the following questions?

How many subscribers are active without paying their dues?

Is my MRR decreasing due to nonpayment of the invoice?

How many involuntary churns do I have due to card decline?

Do I know how many subscribers have an expired card and may be at risk for not paying a future invoice?


Revssurance can help with these and more.

Revssurance Payment Assurance Screen

Payment Assurance

Payments and revenue realization are what matter in the end. Payment failures, unavailable payment channels, and payments incorrectly allocated to a specific subscriber account can all cause churn, barring of services and even fraud and leakages. Revssurance ensures that you have effective secondary controls to verify areas where leakage can occur and prevent it from happening.

Insights and dashboards that Revssurance provides you to stay on top.



Pinpoints subscribers who have not paid but are still using services over a long period of time


Identifies card decline scenarios which result in more payment gateway cost leading to margin leakage


Regularly compares and reports invoice vs payment made vs due


Determines payment gateway cost vs revenue earned per subscriber


Reports payment received vs due per subscriber

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