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Are you able to confidently answer the following questions?

Do I know how many subscribers I am missing to renew?

Do I know if we are still providing the service even after a contract lapse?

Do I have control to verify contracts that are defaulted and should not be renewed?


Revssurance can help with these and more.

Revssurance Renewal Assurance Screen

Renewal Assurance

Customer retention is key for the success of any business and all the more in the subscription world. Contract renewal plays a significant part in retention and is perhaps one of the key contributors for revenue leakage. Revssurance ensures that your automatic contract renewals have correct system configuration, customer configuration, status of customer payment due dates and defaults, and so on. The solution also highlights if any renewals are missed, or if you are renewing contracts where the customer has defaulted payments or has no intention to pay.

Insights and dashboards that Revssurance provides you to stay on top.



Detects subscribers to be renewed but not renewed


Highlights subscribers who were renewed even after contract closure


Identifies subscribers who are renewed even after payment default


Presents real-time insights into defaulted customers who are still getting the service even after lapsed contract


Provides insights into contract configuration and contracts where auto-renewals are not on

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