Why Revssurance?

Automated revenue leakage and protection through proactive controls

Enhance Predictability and Increase Your Revenue in the Subscription Industry

Revssurance is built on our extensive expertise in subscription industries and Revenue Assurance. Our Revenue Assurance product is designed to quickly build controls and visually identify leakage areas for further mitigation, thus reducing the potential leakage exposure time, all while plugging revenue leaks and improving cash flow.


Widest Coverage of Assurance Areas with Proactive Controls

Revssurance has the widest coverage of assurance areas ranging from customer experience assurance to usage assurance to subscription assurance to tariff assurance to reporting assurance. The automated system provides you with proactive controls to ensure that you can preempt any revenue leakage before it occurs.

Improve Visibility into your Revenue Leakage Areas with Intelligent Dashboards


Revssurance understands your business and provides dashboards that are relevant to different personas, such as CEO, CFO, Sales and Marketing. These dashboards and real-time intelligence reports send alerts if it senses a potential leakage in any given area.

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